Collagenstimulation stick

The collagen stimulator stick is more than just a cosmetic product that hides signs of aging and dark circles treatment. It is a breakthrough technology that reverses your skin’s aging process from deep within with clinically-proven techniques. It fights wrinkle formation, smoothens out the skin, tightens up the skin’s collagen from inside, stimulates blood flow, and detoxifies your skin from toxins that are accelerating the appearance of the aging signs.
Permanent treatment of eye bags at home to get rid of dark circles or puffiness around your eye or facial areas.
Regain your lost youthful glow cheap puffy eye bag treatment. Get your flawless skin back with dark circles treatment collagen stimulator stick.

It’s not even really a competition. The vast range of options available for the dark circle's treatment Collagen stimulator stick with lots of customization options makes it truly a winner. The Collagen stimulator stick comes with its stainless steel and sapphire crystal combination.

Here are some of the Key Features that The collagen stimulator stick offers its users.

removes bags under eyes or any other facial area.
dark circles treatment under eyes will have permanently vanished.

The collagen stimulator stick features and build quality that is close up to any surgery in the market. The vast range of options available for the The collagen stimulator stick.

Makes sure how to remove eye bags or treat puffy eyes.

Carry it in your purse or in your makeup bag with you

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treatment of eye bagsFACIAL HOW IT HELPS

  • foto Energize Your Skin with Micro-current Tech The collagen stimulator stick is the first product for puffy eyes treatment with the pioneering micro-current technology. It firms up the muscle fibers under the skin and makes the skin taut, thereby reducing the sagging and wrinkling. Use it to get rid of bags under eyes or puffy eyes. Regular use alleviates the sagging in the neck region and smoothens the neck to the chin area. This product shows you how to get rid of the treatment of eye bags at home and sagging skin in no time.
  • foto Breakthrough Sonic Technology 10,000 vibrations per minute work tirelessly to strengthen the collagen under your skin and stimulate the blood flow. The electric vibration tightens up the pores and gets rid of the blockages preventing the free flow of blood to your skin’s cells. The re-nourishment infuses new life, vitality, and radiance into your skin cells. The sonic vibration treatment of eye bags naturally or eye massager rebuilds your skin collagen to make it smooth, healthy, and supple.
  • foto Thermal Treatment The intelligent cheap puffy eye bag treatment, thermal treatment prompts blood circulation in application areas to revitalize the dying and unhealthy skin cells. With regular use and balanced nourishment, the cells regain their natural health. As the skin restores its youthful natural glow, the signs of aging like dark circles under eyes, wrinkles, and pouches vanish automatically. They don’t just hide but disappear altogether.

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Fight the Causes of
Get Lasting Results

Applying skin care creams, gels, lotions, and essence with dark circles treatment Collagen stimulator Stick infuse them deep into the skin’s layers. The wand’s iontophoresis function helps the puffy eyes treatment skin care product penetrate the foundational layer of skin and deliver lasting results. The product’s effect lasts for hours.

Aging from Deep Within
That Never Fail

Daily stimulation of the skin with the electric eye massager treatment of eye bags naturally ensures the unhindered flow of blood to skin cells in the application areas. The skin cells live longer, make the skin feel younger, and protect you from any skin-related problems and puffy eye bag treatment. Enjoy a long life with radiant skin and glow that will be the envy of others.

10uA Micro-current

10uA Micro-current

The quiescent current that’s hardly perceptible makes a definitive improvement to blood circulation to skin cells and tightens up the skin pores.
Pleasant Massages

Pleasant Massages

Massaging around the head, neck, and temple brings instant relief from fatigue, exhaustion, and headaches. Stimulates nerve endings on the skin to improve brain cortex activity.


The robust plastic body is built to last years of extended use, thousands of hours of application, and common mishaps like accidental drops.

Collagen stimulation stickFACIAL tech specs

Power supply
DC1.5V, 1xAAA battery (not included)
Quiescent current
Vibration Frequency
158 times/s
Power consumption
Continuous use time
0.03kg (0.07lb.)

Your Everyday Anti-Aging Tool

One Solution to Fight All Signs of Aging

Portable. Powerful. Peaceful.

Whether you are traveling for work, vacationing, visiting a relative, or some other reason, carry the mini cheap treatment of eye bags massager device wherever you go.

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how to get rid of puffy eyesFACIAL About us

How to get rid of puffy eyes? We make treatment of eye bags naturally technology work for you. We believe in the immense potential of technology to bring health, happiness, and success. Therefore, we invest in cutting-edge technologies and harness their potential to create truly extraordinary products for the treatment of eye bags at home that address the most pressing problems.


We maintain the highest standards while manufacturing our products cheap puffy eye bag treatment. Our customers get futuristic technology to solve their problems today. to know more about how to get rid of puffy eyes contact us.

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