How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Did you notice that your eyes have turned loose and puffy? No one likes to wake up with puffy eyes on a fresh morning or have them after a cry. This can be quite problematic when you have to leave for work early and you are not looking bright and energetic as expected.

So do you wonder how to get rid of puffy eyes? First and foremost all the creams, gels and eye packs that promise to depuff your eyes do not offer a permanent solution. Sorry to burst your bubble. But luckily you are here and a few secs away from getting the best solution to get rid of puffy eyes. Yes a long lasting and curing one!

Puffy eyes easily add years and take a toll on your beauty. We all hate those puffy eyes we get after sleeping or crying. While there are so many remedies suggested on the internet, be it adding eye drops, placing cucumber slices or applying formulated creams around your eyes, most of these temporarily help to reduce the swollen eyes. The best way to get rid of puffy eyes should be able to stimulate the blood flow and smoothen the skin near your eyes. Also since the cause of puffiness can vary, the remedy should work on all types and extent of puffiness. This is only possible with the use of collagen stimulator stick. The science behind this stick is incredible. It’s breakthrough technology have proven to reverse puffy eyes quickly along with fading the signs of aging including wrinkles and dryness. This device is a perfect cure for your eye and facial skin care woes. It stimulates the skin, creates collagen, elastin and tucks the puffiness under eyelashes. Many users have shared that with consistent use, the blowfish look

What causes puffiness around eyes?

The puffiness or swelling surrounding the eyes is caused due to excess accumulation of edema or fluid in the skin tissue. The swelling under the eyes looks quite boldened and prominent since the skin around the eyes is thinnest in the body. The fluid deposit in the tissue could be caused due to

  • Excess consumption of salts
  • Sinus problem
  • Allergies
  • Dehydration
  • Crying
  • Aging
  • Stress
  • Fatigue

Most of the time a person with puffy eyes cannot really find out what is causing it. This becomes one of the reasons why eye puffiness remedies work for some and fail for others.

If you can’t figure out what is causing puffiness, don’t not worry, collagen stimulator stick works for all eye puffiness problems. Whether the puffiness is arising from eye allergy, after crying, sleeping, or due to reaction to certain chemicals and foods, collagen stimulator stick can help you to get rid of puffy eyes. Also if you have inherited the problem from your parent, this eye puffiness remover takes care of it.

How to get rid of puffiness caused after sleep?

A simple way to ensure less puffiness in under the eyes when you wake up is to get enough sleep. Studies have shown that people on average getting more than 5 hours of sleep wake up with normal sized eyes. Also consume less salty meal at night to keep good blood circulation in the body. Avoid alcohol and eat more potassium-rich foods to prop up your body to get rid of puffiness. Other than these remedies massaging your face and area surrounding your eyes with collagen stimulator stick can help greatly to get rid of puffy eyes.

How to get rid of puffiness caused due to crying?

Cooling down the eye area is one of the popular ways to get rid of eye puffiness caused by crying. This is an effective to subside baggy appearance gradually and regain the natural appearance. Splashing water, applying iced compresses or cucumber slices can aid in cooling the area, reducing inflammation and swelling. These are great ways to naturally treat the eye puffiness problem but these remedies may not be possible to adopt in different life situations. To overcome this using a collagen stimulator stick that is portable and can be carried wherever go is the best solution to get rid of puffy eyes. It rejuvenates and freshens your eyes to give it the natural vitality and radiance.

How to ease puffiness caused by allergies?

Antihistamine eye drops and taking oral medications are the common ways to get rid of allergy infused puffiness in the eyes. Allergic puffiness can come along with itchiness and redness. These medications help to give quick relief and puffiness can subside within a few minutes or hours. Using collagen stimulator along with these medications boosts the natural defense mechanism in the skin tissue to recover effectively.

How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes naturally?

Below are various home remedies to get rid of puffy eyes naturally

Potato eye patch

To go with this remedy, slice potatoes into two circular patches and place in on your eyes gently after closing the eyes. Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes and you will notice significant decrease in size of puffiness.


Milk has soothing properties on the eyelids. It relaxes the skin tissue and calms it down. For this dip a cotton swab in chilled milk and gently keep it on your eyelids. This helps to increase blood flow and water retention.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E fights free radicals and nourishes the skin. It can delay aging, reduce wrinkles and eye bags. You can buy an over the counter Vitamin E oil bottle and apply a drop of oil and massage under the eyes. This will keep the eyes cool, stress-free and reduces swelling.

Cucumber eye patch

Cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties and 70% of it is water that gives a cooling effect on the eyes. It also contains fair amount of vitamin E too. Cut two slices of cucumber and place it on your eyes for 10 to 20 minutes. This soothes the eyes and brings down the swelling in the eye tissue.

Do massages really work to get rid of puffy eyes?

Massages can brighten and freshen up your eyes fast. A 2-minute massage can go a long way in healing puffy eyes and keeping eye tiredness at bay. Massages enhance blood circulation and release muscle tension in the area. Other than subsiding puffiness, massages also alleviate fatigue, dryness, redness and cloudiness in the eyes. People who sit in front of the computer for hours long are prone to suffer from puffy eyes. A soothing massage can give a break and relieve tiredness in the eyes. As tiredness is one of the main causes for eye puffiness, having regular eye massages before going to sleep helps to get rid of puffy eyes when you wake up in the morning.

Below is a 5 step process to eye massage to get rid of puffy eyes

1. Gently close your eyes and slowly massage through the eye socket bones to tip of the nose. Repeat the process 5 to 10 times.

2. Press on the pressure points as shown in the picture near the inner eyebrows and facial muscles

3. Gently press on the area near the corner of the eyes and slowly release the pressure. Repeat this 5 times to calm the eyes.

4. Next massage the temples using the middle fingers in an up and down motion. Do this for a minute to reduce the tension and feel relaxed.

5. Use the index fingers and gently massage on the back of the neck directly behind the eyes for a minute.

How to get the best results from eye massages to get rid of puffy eyes?

The result from eye massaging can be increased with the use of collagen electric stimulator stick or electric eye massager. The special non-invasive, deep absorption technology stimulates the skin cells, repairs wrinkles and improves skin health. The eye massage stimulator vibrates 10,000 times per minute that is incredibly fast and effective than massaging with hands. It strengthens collagen, stimulates blood flow, tightens pores and promotes free flow of blood in the skin tissues. The sonic vibrations stimulate the facial muscles to rebuild skin collagen, smoothens it and infuses radiance and vitality. One can buy a collagen electric stimulator online. While there are so many stimulators available in the market it can be confusing to buy the best one. offers the best stimulator to get rid of puffy eyes.

How to get rid of aging-related puffy eyes?

Curing aging-related puffiness should be a gradual process. There is no immediate cure for puffiness that comes as a person ages. Also aging-related puffiness is accelerating and is accompanied with dark circles, under eye bags and wrinkles which makes it challenging to cure. Now with the revolutionary stimulator technology permanent treatment for puffiness and dark circles is possible. Using a collagen stimulation stick every day gives you the power to regain youthful glow and flawless skin that you had during your 20s and 30s. The endotoxin eduction feature of stimulation stick eliminates deposits of toxins from the skin tissue and supports regeneration. This gives a natural look, firms the muscle fibers to eliminate wrinkling, and sagging.

Along with massaging, following a good diet is also essential to delay aging and get rid of puffy eyes. Here are a bunch of foods you can include your diet to get rid of puffy eyes.


Getting enough fiber is one of the key things you can do to support your body to heal eye puffiness. Oats are rich in fiber which accelerates the flush of fluid from the body. Studies have shown that kidneys get activated by eating fiber-rich foods and having oats is one of the best ways to do it.


Avocado has plant proteins and vitamin E which are key nutrients required for maintaining healthy skin. Having slices of avocado in the morning is a great way to streamline your diet to fight puffy eyes. Raw avocado can also be placed under the eyes for 5 to 10 minutes like cucumber to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles.


Almond infused milk is very soothing for eyes. It also lightens dark circles. Before going to bed drink a glass of almond milk to comfort your eyes.


Parsley is great for detoxing the body. It supports sweat glands to eliminate waste and fluids in the body. Parsley go well in soups and salads. They give a refreshing flavor in these foods.


You might have heard about placing cucumber slices on the eyes to reduce swollen in the eye bags. But eating them regularly also keeps the body cool and curbs inflammation.

Don’ts for getting rid of eye puffiness.

  1. Do not rub your eyes or touch them often when having puffy eyes.

Rubbing puffy eyes only makes them puffier and can create itchy sensation. No matter the extent of puffiness, resist the urge of rubbing them.

  1. Do not use hemorrhoid cream to get rid of puffiness on eyes

You might have heard suggestions from your friends, family or internet that hemorrhoid cream work well to get rid of puffy eyes. It might work but the chemicals used in hemorrhoid cream may cause damage to delicate skin around the eyes.

  1. Do not skip drinking water for long hours

Dehydration have shown to make the problem of puffiness worse. So stay hydrated at all times to keep the eye puffiness in check.

  1. Do not consume excess of salty foods

Salty or high sodium foods such as chips, ramen, pickles, soups, bread and frozen meals can create eye puffiness. Cut down on the intake of these foods to alleviate puffiness in eyes.

  1. Do not skip on meals

Skipping meals gives your body bloated appearance. This might be one of the reasons that is causing puffiness in your eyes. The acidity in the stomach can affect the appearance of eyelids and give them a swelling.

When to consult a doctor to get rid of eye puffiness

Eye puffiness more or less is a harmless. It is a strictly cosmetic problem that can be cured over time with right diet, massages and lifestyle habits. However in severity one should not delay in seeing a doctor. Below are some of the pointers that you can check to know if you need to see a doctor to get rid of eye puffiness.

  • Severe swelling of a single eye. This is not a symptom of eye puffiness. It might be caused due to allergic reaction to food or chemicals.
  • You are not able to close your eyelids all the way
  • The puffiness in the eyes doesn’t go away
  • You have swelling in the other parts of the body along with eyes

What are the different eye puffiness remover products available in the market?

There are numerous products available in the market that claim to get rid of eye puffiness within days. Some of these are slightly effective and others are just fad.

Aloe Vera and Vitamin E blend Eye Masks

These masks are meant to fully cover the eyes and cool them. Before using an aloe vera eye mask it needs to be chilled in a refrigerator for about 10 to 15 minutes. This mask along with helping to calm down eye puffiness can relieve stress formed in the eyes after watching TV or working on computer. Eye masks are also popularly used to relieve flu by placing them on forehead.

Downside of using Aloe Vera and Vitamin E eye masks

A good Aloe Vera and Vitamin E eye mask improves the condition of eye puffiness. But many of the eye masks give temporary soothing effects. Within hours after removing the masks, people have experienced the rebound of puffiness in their eyes. Also these eye masks are one-time use only. So you need to buy and dispose them often.

Eye Gel

Eye Gel for eye puffiness are a form of cooling eye creams. These are infused with herbs and water. Some of the common ingredients used in eye gel are pumpkin extract, bromelain, arnica, cucumber extract and caffeine.

Downside of using Eye Gel

Some people have experienced itching, acne and inflammation with prolonged use of eye gel. Many of the eye gels are a combination of herbal and chemical ingredients which adversely affects the eyes.

Eye Creams

Just like eye gels, creams are a mix of ingredients such as glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, and artificial antioxidants.

Downside of using eye puffiness removing creams

These creams can cause sinus problems, allergies and dryness of skin. And while creams do not go well with makeup, they are best to be applied only at bedtime.

If you are looking for a remedy that does not have any of the side effects mentioned above, then the best option to choose is collagen stimulation stick. It is not invasive and can be used anywhere anytime. The technology in the stick is extraordinary and natural. If you are someone who doesn’t like to apply chemicals on your face or follow long minutes of remedies, collagen stimulation stick will free you. It shrinks the eye puffiness by half within minutes. The results are proven to delight the user. Within a few months, you will see that eye puffiness permanently going away.

Features of Collagen Stimulation Stick

  • Built-in touch sensors detect the skin upon contact and give a sensual massage
  • Runs at 10,000 vibrations per minute which
  • Supports negative ion function
  • Generates 400C thermal treatment
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • 10 times better absorption
  • Improves skin health
  • Fades wrinkles
  • Battery operated

How to get rid of puffy eyes using a collagen stimulator stick?

There are 2 ways to use a collagen stimulator stick. You can follow any of these or in a sequence to get the best result and get rid of eye puffiness quickly. The first method is to massage each of the 5 points as shown in the picture for about 2 to 3 seconds. The method two involves massaging the eyelid from one side to other for 20 times.

Eye exercises to get rid of puffiness

Blink and Rotate

Open your eyes wide and blink 5 to 10 times. After blinking move the eyeballs from right to left and then left to right 2 to 3 times. Next move the eyeballs up and down twice. Repeat this when you are free through the day.

Clockwise rotation

With keeping your head straight stand in front of a clock and follow the rotation of the second-hand slowly with your eyes. Start this exercise when second-hand reaches 12 and end when it comes around after doing a rotation. After completing a circle rotate anticlockwise and rest.

Shift focus

Look a far away object and then bring your palms in front of eyes. Do this a few times and exhale.

Palm on eyes

Rub your palms until they generate heat and place the palms on your eyes. Breath steadily when doing this. Do not rub your palms against your eyes, simply keep them to transfer heat.

Acupressure for relieving puffy eyes.

Acupressure is a healing art where finger pressure is used to get rid of various health problems. Though applying pressure on the nearby eye area is not advised, one can press on the area on the palm and different facial areas as shown to reduce dark circles and eye bags. Press on the spot firmly for 10 to 20 times every day to activate body immunity to take care of puffiness in your eyelids. The spot on the palm acts like a switch to activate the body’s endocrine system to flush out excess fluids in the skin tissue. Consistent use of acupressure is required to them

Now you have the right remedies to get rid of eye puffiness naturally. Don’t forget to add multi-function collagen, eye or facial stimulator stick to give your beauty a boost. The futuristic technology will give you skin worries a permanent solution. You don’t have to juggle around many different cosmetic products to hide away or shrink puffiness. All you need is the facial stimulator stick that naturally does the job without pain and side effects.